When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

I think I have been through of the most intense emotional roller coaster rides of my life in the past few weeks. I havent felt any sense of stability in awhile which isnt the best feeling in the world. I just want to update everyone on my job status. In one of my previous posts I had written about how I got hired as an assistant manager and a store in the mall, lets just say they fucked me over HUGE. I was suppose to have a phone interview with the district manager on monday at to finalize my hiring. Well I waited around for the night and never received a phone call only to receive one the following morning letting me know they had found someone else to fill the position. So THANK YOU for wasting 2 weeks of mine when I could have possibly been working somewhere else. Moving on, I expressed my excitement on the NOH8 Campaign coming to Minneapolis and I am still excited they are finally coming !! However I have chosen to sit this one out. My decision has been made strictly on the fact that I desperately need a new photo set with what I have coming up, and I would rather get a whole set of photos that I can use than just one. I am of course a bit upset with this but, just as life is you've gotta do shit to get shit done, and thats what I'm doing. In other news I am in the process of a couple exciting things !! The first has to do with Minneapolis Pride happening in late June, so stay tuned for further details regarding that. The second is a bit mind blowing to me, I have been offered a trip to the UK for the Berlin Porn Festival happening in September !! Excalibur Tours have been so wonderful as to invite me to come accompany them on their trip. They are gay owned and specialize in gay tours. Check out their website for more details !! Nothing is set in stone just quite yet but its pretty much an offer I can refuse. By the way, have you guys checked out my new Next Door Twink scene yet ?! ;]

I will make sure to keep you all posted on everything coming up !! This is the best place to get your information aside from my facebook page and twitter !! Love you all tons !!