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Trouble To The Max

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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

I think I have been through of the most intense emotional roller coaster rides of my life in the past few weeks. I havent felt any sense of stability in awhile which isnt the best feeling in the world. I just want to update everyone on my job status. In one of my previous posts I had written about how I got hired as an assistant manager and a store in the mall, lets just say they fucked me over HUGE. I was suppose to have a phone interview with the district manager on monday at to finalize my hiring. Well I waited around for the night and never received a phone call only to receive one the following morning letting me know they had found someone else to fill the position. So THANK YOU for wasting 2 weeks of mine when I could have possibly been working somewhere else. Moving on, I expressed my excitement on the NOH8 Campaign coming to Minneapolis and I am still excited they are finally coming !! However I have chosen to sit this one out. My decision has been made strictly on the fact that I desperately need a new photo set with what I have coming up, and I would rather get a whole set of photos that I can use than just one. I am of course a bit upset with this but, just as life is you've gotta do shit to get shit done, and thats what I'm doing. In other news I am in the process of a couple exciting things !! The first has to do with Minneapolis Pride happening in late June, so stay tuned for further details regarding that. The second is a bit mind blowing to me, I have been offered a trip to the UK for the Berlin Porn Festival happening in September !! Excalibur Tours have been so wonderful as to invite me to come accompany them on their trip. They are gay owned and specialize in gay tours. Check out their website for more details !! Nothing is set in stone just quite yet but its pretty much an offer I can refuse. By the way, have you guys checked out my new Next Door Twink scene yet ?! ;]

I will make sure to keep you all posted on everything coming up !! This is the best place to get your information aside from my facebook page and twitter !! Love you all tons !!




I am SOO excited for next Sunday !! The NOH8 Campaign is FINALLY making its way to Minneapolis !! For those of you who live on a different planet, the NOH8 campaign was created by photographer Adam Bouska as a silent protest against same sex marriage. Its a huge deal for the campaign to be coming to Minneapolis (since it has pretty much been everywhere but) because I feel like it will get everyone back on the same page and everyones spirits up again !! I will obviously be attending and getting an individual set done as well as a set done with Connor Jon. If your in the area make sure to stop by to get your photos done and make sure to keep an eye out for me as well !! #NOH8

Photographer ADAM BOUSKA
For Details on the MINNEAPOLIS NOH8 shoot click HERE


Cummin REAL SOON . . .

Starring: Newcomer JAMIE AERO, fellow DV8 stud Tommy Deluca and Myself

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Hi everyone !! This post is definitely more cheerful than the last one because some exciting things are happening !! First off I got a very much anticipated phone call this morning from the job I had the interview at informing me that I have been hired as their new Assistant Manager !! This lifts SOO many weights off of my shoulder, not only will I have a steady income but also healthcare and a great job title for my resume.  I have my meeting with the DM on monday to get everything finalized. Ive been doing the best I can with this blog !! Im obviously no web designer or anything but Im making do with what Ive got and the rest will fall into place. With that said Ive been working on things little by little in hopes to have most of what I want completed by the end of February. I know that seems like a long time from now but look how fast January went !! We have 3 days left !! If you have any suggestions on anything to do with my blog let me know. I would love to hear your guys ideas and opinions. Also lets try and get some events going !! If anyone knows of some good clubs around that might be interested drop me an email !! Thats one of my favorite things ive done so far is club appearances. I not only get to travel and party with cool ass people but It give me a chance to actually meet the people behind the twitter and facebook. Which pays off for everything !! I love love looove meeting you guys !! So like I said if anyone knows of anywhere send me an email. On another great note !! I was recently reunited with Marc, blogger of Chronicles of Pornia. We unfortunately lost touch there for awhile but have found each other once again !! Make sure to check out his blog for some juicy details regarding my upcoming scenes for Next Door Studios and other hot porn reviews !! Things are slowly but surely looking up and that makes me excited and motivated to get more things happening !! I CANT SIT STILL !!! I have so many ideas of things I wanna do I just gotta find the right people to help me out and work with me to make these ideas come to life !! I WILL make 2011 my bitch, just wait and see. Love to all as always !! 


PS. Valentines Day is coming up !! ;] Valentines Day Wish List



Counting Sheep

Tonight marks week 4 that I have been having problems sleeping. Its absolutely strange to me too cause I LOVE to sleep !! What's even more strange is you'd think that I would be sleeping better now that I have started working out and eating better, but you thought wrong. I've tried everything from sleepy time tea, to tylenol PM, taking a hot relaxing bath, my room was a disaster for the longest time and I actually cleaned it the other day thinking it would help, but sadly it didnt. I know a lot of the reason is because my mind is constantly racing and I have no method of slowing it down. I went from working 2 jobs to working none and if you know me you know that I have to CONSTANTLY be doing something in order to keep sane. I actually had an interview the other day for a position as an an assistant manager at a store in the mall which is extremely exciting, and from the note we left on it was pretty much a done deal. I have yet to hear back from them though, just kind of waiting it out. My phone was stolen the other day from the gym so in return I had to drop almost $600 on a new phone (I know ridiculous but I had to get another iPhone without an upgrade) so there went a lot of the money I had SAVED to try and move. I absolutely HATE where I live and am trying to find any loop hole I can to get out but its kind of a hard thing to do with no job. I can go on for days but I know thats not going to do any bit of good. Im just hoping for some sort of miracle to happen that will get me out of these situations and at least put me on grounds to function on. Im in no means asking for someone to take care of my problems for me, just a bit of relief. You ever have those days where you feel like no matter how hard you try your either not good enough or you just get looked passed ?? Thats exactly the way ive been feeling lately and again I have no idea why cause Im always never like that. My mind just keeps going and going and going and going and . . well you get the point. I should try harder to look past all of the negative stuff in my life and see the good but its just so hard at times. Hopefully sometime soon ill be able to get over this hump im in and start getting some god damn sleep !! Things just gotta get figured out. If you have any suggestions for me please let me know !! Im willing to try anything at this point. Love you all so much and thank you for keeping me as sane as I am right now. Back to counting sheep.