Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Hi everyone !! This post is definitely more cheerful than the last one because some exciting things are happening !! First off I got a very much anticipated phone call this morning from the job I had the interview at informing me that I have been hired as their new Assistant Manager !! This lifts SOO many weights off of my shoulder, not only will I have a steady income but also healthcare and a great job title for my resume.  I have my meeting with the DM on monday to get everything finalized. Ive been doing the best I can with this blog !! Im obviously no web designer or anything but Im making do with what Ive got and the rest will fall into place. With that said Ive been working on things little by little in hopes to have most of what I want completed by the end of February. I know that seems like a long time from now but look how fast January went !! We have 3 days left !! If you have any suggestions on anything to do with my blog let me know. I would love to hear your guys ideas and opinions. Also lets try and get some events going !! If anyone knows of some good clubs around that might be interested drop me an email !! Thats one of my favorite things ive done so far is club appearances. I not only get to travel and party with cool ass people but It give me a chance to actually meet the people behind the twitter and facebook. Which pays off for everything !! I love love looove meeting you guys !! So like I said if anyone knows of anywhere send me an email. On another great note !! I was recently reunited with Marc, blogger of Chronicles of Pornia. We unfortunately lost touch there for awhile but have found each other once again !! Make sure to check out his blog for some juicy details regarding my upcoming scenes for Next Door Studios and other hot porn reviews !! Things are slowly but surely looking up and that makes me excited and motivated to get more things happening !! I CANT SIT STILL !!! I have so many ideas of things I wanna do I just gotta find the right people to help me out and work with me to make these ideas come to life !! I WILL make 2011 my bitch, just wait and see. Love to all as always !! 


PS. Valentines Day is coming up !! ;] Valentines Day Wish List


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